Sunday, August 25, 2019

Matthew Neil Andrews

Matthew Neil Andrews has been known as a hermetic, mysterious, diffidently gregarious musical hermit. After preliminary studies in Northern California with Dr. Richard Fiske, Dr. Larry Grandy, and Master John Gonsalves, Matthew re-relocated to his native Orange County to study composition with Dr. Robert T. Reno.

Following his undergraduation in 2001, Matthew sealed himself in a specially constructed alchemical alembic, wherein he spent fifteen years carefully and diligently distilling his myriad obsessions: the musical traditions of India, Indonesia, Cologne, Paris, Manchester, and the African, Arabic, Celtic, and Jewish Diasporas; the intense emotional-intellectual vigor of Béla Bartók, György Ligeti, Dmitri Shostakovich, and the Second Viennese School; minimalism from Riley, Young, Glass, and Reich to Adams, Pärt, Nyman, and Bryars; revered video game composers Hirokazu Tanaka and Koji Kondo; the queer-outsider tradition of West Coast musical mavericks from Cowell, Partch, Cage, and Harrison to Oliveros, Zappa, Elfman, Spruance, and Subotnick; religious mysteries from qabala and chaos magick to the pronoias of Robert Anton Wilson, William S. Burroughs, Octavia E. Butler, Paulo Freire, David Cronenberg, and Daniele Bolelli; the troubled but fruitful late 1970s skirmishes between punks and proggers; and of course his enduring love for the semicolon.

Matthew enjoys composing for electronics as well as for acoustic chamber ensembles, especially piano trio, wind quintet, and percussion ensemble, and has a special fondness for new combinations suggested by alliances of distinct musical and artistic personalities. He is presently working on a set of twelve-tone miniatures for alto sax and electric bass, his long-unfinished “Heroine” sonata for piano, a folio of horror-cabaret art songs for ukelele and processed voice, incidental music for PSU’s winter production of Euripides’ Bakkhai, and a concerto for percussion quartet with Javanese gamelan.

Three Representative Works:

• Quintet for Winds (2nd Movement: Gloria) for woodwind quintet
• Fifty-Five Measures for Toby Strauss, for clarinet and marimba

Visit Me Online:

• Chamber and electronic music
• KPSU radio shows
• Demos and Works in Progress

Oregon Connection: As a child in Greater Los Angeles, Matthew dreamed of leaving behind all the smog and traffic and going “Somewhere That's Green.” He finally headed north in 2001, and has been in and out of Portland ever since.

Matthew has been involved with the Javanese gamelan at Lewis & Clark College; has composed, percussed, and recorded with some of Portland’s finest, weirdest progmetal, cyberpunk, and surf bands; has produced radio shows for KPSU; and has recently joined Cascadia Composers and commenced composition studies at Portland State University.