Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Mike Curtis

Inspired by music from around the globe, Mike has made a reputation as a link for classical musicians to klezmer music, Mexican music, Chinese music, and jazz. His works for woodwinds, strings, and orchestra tap into the essences of these rich traditions and imbue them with his own stamp.

Three Representative Works: Klezmer Wedding for double reed quartet; 5 Huapangos for clarinet and bass clarinet, 2 clarinets, oboe and bassoon, or violin and cello; and Sketches of China (oboe and cello) or (oboe and bassoon)

Visit Me Online:
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• Video: Sax quartet Sistergold, Klezmer Wedding, 2012Wim Voet & Stijn Kuppens, Huapangos, 2009;  Clarinet Quartet - Quarteto Vintage; Bulgarian Bat Bite ICA Vancouver, 2007

Oregon Connection: Member of the Eugene Symphony, the Klezmonauts, the Left Coast Sax Quartet, and leader of the Platypus Clarinet Orchestra. Taught in the Oregon State University Music Department(1985-2004).