Sunday, August 25, 2019

Susan Alexjander

Although I do write 'normal' music for acoustic instruments and especially love writing for voice, my special passion is researching and creating soundscapes that allow the listener to participate in little known vibratory worlds such as molecules, stars, elements, and all kinds of natural cycles. It's all about connection through resonance. The magic of 'mapping' frequencies from one medium to another allows us to hear inner, unheard sounds. I'm from the old (VERY old) school that believes in sacro-magical tone; I take great care in choosing sound samples for my digital tracks which evoke deep memory and connection. Everything is talking to everything else!

Three Representative Works
• Fluid as ballet with Lavinia Magliocco (video)
• Two Art Songs (2013) for voice and piano
• Eikos (2012) for violin, synthesizer and dancer.

Visit Me Online:
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Oregon Connection: Five years ago I moved to Portland and found a home with Cascadia Composers. The women, especially, became like family. Together we have presented three Crazy Jane performances and are about to launch a fourth next fall. They have attracted large, enthusiastic audiences and are quite a romp. Locally I have also collaborated with wonderful artists such as Lavinia Magliocco (dance), Siere Monroe (movement) and Jan Madill (sculptor). Last year I led an outdoor Soundwalk at Mr. Tabor for March Music Moderne, and will do so again this year. Performances in PDX to come January and March (please see website).