Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Thomas DeNicola

Thomas DeNicola is a local Oregonian currently seeking his undergraduate degree in composition at Portland State University, under the tutelage of Bonnie Miksch. His earliest memories consist of plunking out Beethoven's Ode to Joy on a small light-up Casio keyboard. After getting into blues guitar in high school, Thomas pursued violin lessons before college. When his teacher, Chris Fotinakis,, kept having to deal with him showing up with small pieces written out and a lack of tual practice on the violin, he switched gears and started privately teaching Thomas composition, setting him on the path he is on today. A sense of catharsis from different emotions is ultimately what Thomas tries to do in his music, hoping to reach the listener, performer, and especially himself.

Representative Works:

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Oregon Connection: I was born and raised in Portland, a little deeper into the southeast suburbs. I grew up hearing the sounds of acclaimed local choir Cantores In Ecclesia, something that I am more grateful for now, as an adult, then I was as a child. I try to take part in local shows and concerts when I can, such as those put on by Classical Revolution PDX, and am currently a member of Cascadia Composers.