Monday, September 16, 2019

Aaron Rosenberg

Following an earnest start as a prep student at the New England Conservatory, Aaron Rosenberg pursued piano performance for a year at Eastman. Thereafter, he attended the Berklee College of Music, earning a bachelor degree in composition (1990). A rather lengthy sojourn into semi-corporate America ensued, after which Rosenberg earned his masters from the San Francisco Conservatory and PhD from the University of Oregon (2009), both degrees in music composition. In 2006, the European American Musical Alliance accepted Rosenberg into their summer composition program, for which travel to Paris was financed by the University of Oregon's Gary E. Smith grant.

In 2003, Rosenberg received the San Francisco Conservatory’s Kris Getz composition award for his piano quartet “Pantomime and Pastorale.” During the same year, he earned an honorable mention for his choral work “Orphanage” at the school's Choral Composition Competition. In 2011, Rosenberg's piano quintet "Crowd Scene" won a performance and recording in Darmstadt by Ensemble Soli fan tutti, travel for which a grant was provided by the American Music Center.

Most recently, The Freisinger Chamber Orchestra commissioned Rosenberg's 2013 piece, “To Finish the Moment,” which had a September premiere in Boston. Rosenberg is currently composing his next commission, “Suffusion,” a piano-cello-contrabass trio, to be premiered in Darmstadt in June 2014. As a winter resident at The Banff Centre, he is eager to begin work on its sequel, “Ascent,” a piano-violin-cello trio. These works explore both the dark and liberating components of nostalgia.

Rosenberg has taught class keyboard, music theory, aural skills, and musicianship at the University of Massachusetts Lowell since 2010.

Representative WorksCrowd Scene (2010), for piano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello, Three Rumi Love Songs (2005), for mezzo soprano and piano, Animus Semotus (2004), for piano

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Oregon Connection: I lived in Eugene for six years—2003-2009—while working toward my composition PhD at the University of Oregon.

The natural beauty of Eugene—including the silver air and golden light—continues to inspire me, both musically and otherwise. I miss it greatly. My supporting area of study was Ethnomusicology, and this pursuit was enhanced not only through U of O resources (including both Javanese and Balinese gamelans), but also through local groups like the Kutsinhira Cultural Arts Center.