Monday, September 16, 2019

Aidan Ramsay

Born and raised in Oregon, composer Aidan Ramsay (b.1993) is most interested in the interactions between constantly shifting timbres as primary driving music forces. His music showcases an endless fascination with color and a drive to find every texture an ensemble can produce. Ramsay is also an avid listener of jazz and R&B music, and plays the saxophone.

Ramsay studied at the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, an continues to collaborate with many of his fellow students and recent graduates there, as well as artists such as Pacific Northwest new music group Sound of Late and soprano Esteli Gomez

Representative Works:
Smoke Billows (2015)
Echoes from the Void (2015/16)
Music for Trumpet and Deconstructed Saxophone (2016)

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Oregon Connection: I was born in Portland, and have lived in Western Oregon for my entire life. I am a recent graduate of the University of Oregon School of Music and Dance, where I studied with Drs. Terry McQuilkin, David Crumb, and Robert Kyr, and have been very active in the Oregon Composers Forum. I attended the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium twice thus far; the second time, I was granted the privilege of writing for featured artists Sound of Late, a group that features fellow Oregon composer Andrew Stiefel.