Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Benjamin Vannest

I began writing choral music in High School, where I got my first performance and my first chance to direct said choir. I have never turned back since. I have finished three and a half years of a four-year degree in music Composition from St. Mary's College of Maryland, but moved out to Eugene before I graduated to gain some independence and field experience. At St. Mary's, I studied under David Froom, with small workshops under Judah Adashi and Forest Toby, and a semester in Italy studying composition and orchestration with the phenomenal Nicola Davico. Over the past four years, I have stumbled, cried, and laughed my way through 15 finished pieces in many different genres, from string quartets to piano/voice to choral arrangements, with many more coming.

Representative WorksAs She Sleeps - Double SATB Chorus, String Quartet no. 1, and Amalfi for Piano & Medium Voice. (Sound files pending)

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Oregon Connection: I moved to Eugene, Oregon to live with my brother at the end of 2013. I left Maryland, my home state, just before completing my Music degree from St. Mary's College of Maryland because I wanted a change and more field experience before letting myself believe I actually deserve to graduate. I am currently an informal TA of music theory at Lane Community College, and an intern with the Eugene Symphony.