Sunday, September 1, 2019

Cynthia Stillman Gerdes

I love to collaborate with a fine artist The piece takes shape in the score, if I don't get in its way and sort of develops itself. Then the performer makes it come alive and often has suggestions to make it better. It's exciting to watch that happen.

Representative Works:
"Idaho Toccata Trio" 1998 Erin Furbee, violin; Phil Hansen, cello; Jeff Payne, piano
"Waking Up Slow" 2008 Robert Taylor, trombone; Harold Gray, piano
"Eve's Version" and "Sarah's List" 2015; Nicole Leupp-Hanig, soprano; Susan McDaniel, piano

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Oregon Connection: From the University of Oregon in the late 1950's to Portland State University in the 1980's (teaching there for 20 years) Oregon has fed what I do. As past vice president of Cascadia Composers and one of the founding members of the women members, Crazy Jane Composers, I've seen up close how this community fosters opportunities for local artists to develop. My music has been performed by FearNoMusic, the Performer's Choice Concert at the Bloch Festival; and at the end of May two of my pieces are going across the pond to play in Paris, France and maybe a piano student will play something of mine on a In Good Hands concert this summer. How fun is that!