Saturday, September 14, 2019

Damen Easton Liebling

I make music that is intended to provoke, motivate, and ultimately uplift, inspire, and heal. My music ranges from contemporary classical/concert music to experimental rock/pop. It is the result of having played in several rock bands, studied classical piano as a child, earned a Masters in Music Composition, and spent a lot of time studying and apprenticing in traditional Eastern European mysticism.

Representative WorkString Quartet No. 1

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Oregon Connection: I received my undergrad in Composition from PSU, studying with Bonnie Miksch and Renee Favand-See. I was the winner of the 2013 Classical Revolution PDX String Quartet Composition Competition. Later my Quartet was performed by The Finer Things Quartet at Classical Revolution PDX's Spring Concert. Oregon is the land I love best and from which I derive most inspiration.