Saturday, September 14, 2019

David Leetch

I remember as a child of four, listening to music and watching the designs on the wall paper change and flow. Although I am now an adult and I know my boundaries a little better, I still love the times when I am sick with a fever, or very tired; my imagination runs wild with music in ears.

My father was a large influence in my life, being a musician and a music teacher. I studied trombone, voice, and music education in school, and classical guitar in my adult life. In recent years I have been creating music for other instruments, exploring the expression and colors other instruments bring.

Representative Works:

Brass Quartet 1 (2013) For trumpet, horn, trombone, and tuba
- Prayer of Faith Trio (2006/revised 2013) - for violin, cello, and piano (no link)
- My Friends (2013) for wind quartet, flute, clarinet, horn, and bassoon (no link)

Visit Me Online:
• Web - My web site has scores, parts, and audio files

Oregon Connection:
I have lived in Oregon since 1984, arriving on Independence Day, July 4th, on a bright sunny day that ended with fireworks.  Since then I put down roots, with a wife, family, and friends.  Oregon has a richness in it's people to match the beauty of its mountains, forests, and ocean shore.