Sunday, September 15, 2019

Emyli Poltorak

Emyli Poltorak is probably up to no good, and she hopes you can hear it in her music. She is infatuated with odd noises, unusual rhythmic techniques, musical jokes, and thwarted expectations. Growing up listening to Russian gypsy and folk music, David Bowie, and Stravinsky instilled a deep love of both experimentation and folk music, and the interesting places where the two intersect. Emyli is a graduate of Portland State University.

Representative Works:

Alpha Beta - voice, clarinet, cello
Death Came So Soon - flute, violin, clarinet, viola, and piano
Separation - for SSAA choir

Visit Me Online:
• Music: SoundCloud
• Web: Bandcamp

Oregon Connection: I've lived in Oregon since I was 2 months old. I spent my childhood at an intentional community east of Eugene called Alpha Farm, and moved to Portland around grade school. As a teenager, I listened to local bands and went to shows at the Artistery (man, I miss that place) and Backspace. I feel a deep connection to Oregon and consider it to be my home. Oregon has been a frequent subject of my work, from the dizzying view over Latourell Falls to nettle picking at the Sandy River Delta.