Sunday, September 15, 2019

Jan Mittelstaedt

I grew up in Port Washington, NY (Long Island) and studied piano and oboe.  I didn't practice either very much but loved music (second to socializing with my friends).  I expected to be an elementary school teacher and went to Bucknell Univ. for a degree in education.  After graduation, my husband Ron and I were married and moved to Houston Texas.  I was able to get a job teaching sixth grade.  Soon we had a house and my piano arrived from NY.  One of my colleagues had a little sister and wanted me to teach her.  So, that is how music started to take over my life.  After a few years, we moved with our infant son, to Pittsburgh.   I kept teaching piano while we were raising children: two boys and a girl. By the time we moved to Portland, I finally knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I received a few awards and had a few pieces published. My life has been so enriched by music and I am indebted to Marylhurst Univ., Sister Anne  Cecile, Dr. Walter Saul, Cascadia Composers, and First Presbyterian Church of Portland. My husband, Ron, has been my great support.

Representative Works:
The Swan Music by Jan Mittelstaedt with lyrics by Gene Jackson. Presented by Cascadia Composers on February 24, 2013. Chorale performance by Resonance Ensemble directed by Katherine FitzGibbon, piano accompaniement by Greg Homza
Hats by Jan Mittelstaedt. Hard Hats mvt 1 and Red Hats mvt 2
Masks by Jan Mittelstaedt. Pianist, Rhonda Ringering. Presented by Cascadia Composers at Sherman Clay Pianos, Portland, OR. January 21, 2012

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Oregon Connection: I first became connected to music in Oregon when, as an older student, I decided to pursue a music degree at Marylhurst Univ. In the late '80's after I had graduated, Sister Anne Cecile Daigle offered a class on composition pedagogy for OMTA teachers. I was one of about 8 students who attended the class. I had never composed anything before that time. With beginner's luck, my first student collection, "Solo Snips," was published by Boston Music. After continuing with Sister Anne for the rest of the year, I decided to work on a Master of Music Degree at the Univ. of Portland. My teacher was Dr. Walter Saul. Sister Anne couldn't believe it, because she didn't think I had a strong enough background in composition to go into a masters program. But, Dr. Saul was very supported. After graduation, I mainly wrote student pieces or music for the children at a church where I worked. However, when Cascadia Composers was formed, my life changed. Now, I had a reason to write chamber music - a greater challenge for me. The First Presbyterian Church of Portland has also helped me grow musically. This year I had the opportunity of playing chamber music with some fine musicians in the church.