Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Nicholas Yandell

I’m a Portland-based composer seeking to create the 21st century in musical art by capturing every aspect of post-millennial life we experience, past, present and future, and concoct it all into a formula of organized sound... To grab hold of the passion, pain, affection, spirituality, joy, incompleteness, anger, regret, sadness, yearning, and processed it all aurally... To find those sounds that dwell in the wordless void, that amalgamate with the atmosphere and enrich it, that descend from the skyscrapers and crawl out of the cracks in the sidewalk to soothe, agitate, impassion, drive, flow through our veins, and make us feel alive! These desires tend to manifest themselves into classical concert works, film scores, post-rock songs, and electronic music, sometimes amalgamating with fiction and poetry into meshes of lyrics, stories, and sound. So, basically I’m just sound-sculptor, taking my small vial of talent, casting it into the winds of the world, and discovering what the visceral power of musical expression can accomplish.

Three Representative Works:
Of City and Nature 2014 (studio recording 2015)
Eventide's Lament 2014 (studio recording 2015)
Wide-eyed in the Neon Light 2009 [Revised 2014] (live recording 2015)

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Oregon Connection: Portland, Oregon is my current home, I've been an Oregonian for over six years, a Northwesterner for most of my life, and I thrive on being a part of the artistic lifeblood of this region. I have been a board member of the new music group Cascadia Composers for over two years, have been a part of a dozen or so concerts of new Northwestern music, have had musical pieces on at least six concerts, and have composed scores for a couple of Northwest filmmakers.