Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Paul Safar

Paul Safar is a versatile composer/performer and private piano instructor living and working in Eugene, Oregon. Having received his B.Mus from the College-Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati, Ohio, Paul draws upon his classical music training while often incorporating various popular styles like jazz and rock. He finds his niche collaborating in multi media works(working with short film,dance pieces or theatrical fun at the Oregon Country Fair) and atmospheric pieces related to certain topics or places. His largest work is a "Concerto for Electric Guitar" which although classically structured weaves in Afro Cuban and rock and flamenco flavors. Paul has written much vocal music for the soprano Nancy Wood

Representative WorksA Quartet in Red,Black and Blue (String Quartet) (2009) (find under "Music Samples), A Trio in Four Dances (Piano Trio) (2012), Frogs at Dusk (saxophone quartet) (2012)

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Oregon Connection: I have lived in Eugene,OR since 1994 as a working artist. I have taught private piano (and done music in the schools) since then working with students of all ages in both classical and popular genres. Many of my compositions have been inspired by the people and landscape of our state. Being drawn to multidisciplinary art I have collaborated on many projects with the vocalist Nancy Wood and with various dance groups. I perform regularly for community events and non profit functions.