Monday, September 9, 2019

Robert Kyr

Robert Kyr (b. 1952): "An American composer, writer, filmmaker, and professor of music composition and theory. Kyr is one of the most prolific composers of his generation, having written 12 symphonies, three chamber symphonies, three violin concerti, numerous large works for orchestra, oratorios and other large-scale choral works, and a wide variety of chamber music.

Luminous and sometimes ecstatic in effect, Kyr's work is basically tonal, and often harmonically and rhythmically complex, its sophistication deriving from its synthesis of both modern and ancient modes, as well as Western and Asian musical traditions. An engaged activist for world peace and environmentalism, Kyr has initiated a number of projects that bring together musicians from diverse cultures, or combine music with other media, and touch upon current or historical events." (Source Wikipedia). See also: Robert Kyr Biography, NPR Documentary: Composer Robert Kyr Finds Inspiration In The Desert

Representative WorksWhite Tigers, Patricia Goodson (piano), Threefold Vision3 motets for 3 voices, Songs of the Shining Wind for 3 voices, lute and vielle, Ensemble Project Ars Nova, The Passion According To Four Evangelists, Back Bay Orchestra

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• Video: Now is the Time (The Pacific Youth Choir - Coro Pacifica)

Oregon Connection: Robert Kyr is a Philip H. Knight Professor of Composition and Theory at the University of Oregon School of Music, where he has developed new models for teaching composition. In addition to teaching, Kyr directs the Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium, the Music Today Festival, the Pacific Rim Gamelan, and the Vanguard Concert and Series.

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